About Jenna

Jenna Kendrick writes contemporary, new adult, and paranormal romance about smart guys with a propensity for snark. She fell in love with creative writing after writing a satirical essay to get out of yet another literary analysis assignment in college. Unable to choose a coast or climate zone, she bounced around the country before settling in Upstate New York, where she alternates between bare feet and hiking boots. She lives with her husband and several furry creatives, some of whom think of her desk as their own.


Meet the Furry Creatives



Iris is a regular visitor on the desk. Twenty-four hours a day isn’t enough time for the cuddles she requires. When she isn’t on the desk, she’s lounging in the window, watching the chipmunks.



Loki usually occupies his own chair in the office, but he occasionally decides to help with the writing process. He was raised from the age of 5 weeks old by our much-missed goldendoodle, Tally, so he thinks he’s part puppy.