Beyond Belief

Tyler and Drake are taking a last chance on love. 


Tyler Bryant has left his beloved fieldwork behind in favor of a desk job, braves the horrendous LA traffic, and watches Drake get manhandled by stylists and paparazzi on a daily basis. Sure, he still dreams of Hawaiian beaches and getting his hands dirty, but having Drake in his life is worth it.


A-list actor Drake Sutton no longer lives a lie. His private life has become all too public after coming out, and his role in the next superhero movie sequel depends on his ability to weather the storm.


Tyler's brother re-enters Ty's life with a desperate request for help. The tabloids think they have a story, and if not, they'll make one up. With the demands of family pulling Ty east and his life's work calling him west, Drake wonders if their love is enough to keep Ty in LA or if their last-chance love will never make it back to shore.





Make Me Believe

With Tyler ready to move on, Drake’s run out of second chances. 

Tyler Bryant and Drake Sutton met one day on the beach in Oahu and never parted—until Drake was offered the movie role of a lifetime and abandoned Ty to pursue fame and fortune. Tyler has moved on to another beach in another country, but he’s left his heart behind. And yet, every time Drake shows up he can’t help but let him back into his life. When he gets a familiar phone call, Tyler vows this is it, one last hook-up to provide a lifetime’s worth of memories. 

Drake Sutton is tired of living a lie when it means not having the love of his life by his side. This booty call is going to be his last—because he’s determined to get Tyler back for good. But Drake’s going to have to go way off-script to make Ty believe.