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On and Off


For almost a year, Doc1984 and Wallflower have been battling it out online. There's no subject they can't disagree over, no end to their aggravation with each other.


Mitchell Abend and Jackson Wallach are in perfect sync from the moment they're introduced. Mitchell's never quite gotten over being publicly humiliated by a former lover, but Jackson's quiet strength encourages him to trust once again. Jackson's isolated himself after a devastating accident, but Mitchell makes him want to live again.

On and Off

Wallflower and Doc's online battles take an unexpected turn from adversaries to friends. But when one of them discovers his online friend and offline lover are one and the same, revealing the dual connection may cost him both a friendship and a chance at love.

*On and Off was originally released as part of Felice Stevens’ Memories with the Breakfast Club Kindle World.





The Eighth Night

Fresh off months of round-the-clock work launching his company's first successful video game, Kai gives up a celebratory vacation with friends in order to spend Chanukah with his parents. Instead, he finds himself home alone pet sitting their ankle-biting dog. Upset and lost in his thoughts about being misled, he doesn't notice his old friend Ari standing next to him in the elevator until they're trapped during a power outage. Hours of conversation to stave off panic lead to an invitation to spend the holiday together.

Disowned by his religious family, Ari has never second-guessed his decision to become an escort. That is, until Kai treats him like a boyfriend instead of a boy toy. Now he has eight nights with his former crush before he needs to come clean. And then he'll need to say goodbye, because it's going to take a miracle for Kai to accept what Ari was doing in his building that first night.